We at Skyfish are proud to be recognized leaders in autonomous flight navigation and precision measurement. Today we welcomed FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to our offices in Missoula Montana.

We really appreciate Commissioner Carr visiting us and showing support for American drone makers. Commissioner Carr has a great interest in drones as they will be a critical component to rolling out and servicing 5G networks.

“At the FCC, we are focused on winning the race to 5G and unleashing the economic opportunities it can create in communities across the country,” Commissioner Carr stated. “That means clearing the way for building and maintaining next-generation infrastructure, including new towers and cell sites. That’s where drones are playing an increasingly important role—they can be used to safely inspect and maintain wireless sites. I enjoyed learning more about the U.S. innovations that are driving this emerging industry,” Carr added.

We want to thank the local NBC Montana news affiliate KECI TV and our great local paper the Missoulian for covering the story. Here are some pictures from the day, we hope you enjoy them and we wish Commissioner Carr the very best on his continued travels out west. Finally a big Thank You to all who made this exciting event happen!!

FCC Commissioner Carr shows support for American drone maker, Skyfish